About Us..

Your Rhythm, Your Style!

Vibing with trendy styles for all..

At ZOCOTOWN, we vibe with trendy styles for all. We love modern fashion and also offer unique items for your home. We're a community with a shared lifestyle where everyone is welcome.

From clothing to home goods, at ZOCOTONW, we celebrate diversity and good vibes. Join us and find your own rhythm in every aspect of your life.

Founded in 2021 as part of The Daos Group, we offer trendy products with a distinctive touch for both men and women. Our base in downtown Los Angeles, California ensures efficient service and order management.

Currently, we proudly serve a global audience, particularly in the United States, Mexico, and Venezuela, where we maintain strong commercial partnerships to ensure smooth operations. Looking ahead to 2024, we have ambitious plans to expand into new markets.

Zocotown boasts a range of sub-brands tailored to specific market niches, offering personalized products designed for various age groups and genders. Discover ZEMBRA, REVLE, YELLIT Shoes, and ZOCOMEN, all under the Zocotown umbrella, delivering a wide array of styles and products.

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